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Title Attorney v. Title Agent | Jay Clubb Law | Real Estate Law Ocean City

When purchasing a property, a buyer must decide between using a title attorney or using a title agent to conduct closing. Since this is such a large purchase, the decision is an important one.

Title agents are not attorneys and cannot render legal advice. And yet many legal issues can arise between the buyer and the seller from the time the contract is signed to when closing occurs. If a buyer uses a title agent and a legal issue presents itself just prior to closing, the buyer must hire an attorney to handle the legal issue, likely delaying closing and incurring additional costs. If the buyer had hired a title attorney instead, that attorney could immediately address any legal issues, and resolve them prior to the closing, without delay.

With 32 years of real estate experience, I can handle any legal issues, and do so as part of my flat fee, without an additional charge.

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